This program is designed to focus on caring for the injured or ill persons in remote settings.

Wilderness environments create special situations.

When a person becomes injured or ill in the wilderness, the time and distance to EMS could be hours or days. First aid providers will be faced with limited resources. The objective is to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond and care for simple, knowledge, skills and confidence to respond and care for an injured or ill person in the wilderness environment for an extended period of time.

Written Evaluation
Required Skills Evaluation

Course Contents:
Preparation and Assessment
Medical Emergencies
Traumatic Injuries
Environmental Emergencies
Preventing and Caring for injuries
Biological Hazards

Two Year Certification

Initial Training 16 Hours
Class Days: 2 days
Max Student Ratio 10:1

*This course does require a written and practical pass/fail evaluation at its conclusion, as you will receive a 2 year WFA Certification from the American Safety and Health Institute.
* WFA Courses are conducted in a wilderness environment, where students may have the option to camp for the weekend/duration of the course (2 day/16hrs) or they may commute to the course location each day. 
If the participant chooses to camp, they will be responsible for their own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, etc) and rations for the weekend (food/water). Snacks and water will be provided through out 
instruction time, but students will be responsible for daily meals.  
We will provide you with individual site instructions or rules once registration is complete.