This program is designed to provide non EMS responders including government, corporate, law enforcement, and corrections personnel with a level of training comparable to a professional Emergency Medical Responder. This 48 hour course is consistent with national EMS curriculum requirements and educations standards, however, it is not the intent of the Emergency Medical Response program to cross the EMS scope of practice threshold.

Required :

  • Written Evaluation
  • Skills Evaluation

Correctly demonstrate how to

Work as the lead responder in a scenario-based team setting to adequately direct the primary assessment and care of: 

a. Patient Assessment/Management— Trauma

b. Patient Assessment/Management—Medical

c. BVM Ventilation of an Apneic Adult Patient

d. Oxygen Administration by  Non-rebreather Mask

e. Cardiac Arrest Management/AED

Recognized Certification period: Up to 2 years

Recommended time to complete:

Initial training: 40 - 48 hours

Class days: 4 to 5 days

Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives rather than a prescribed instruction time.

Max student instructor ratio is 10:1